ARC/HOUZ Studio needed a brand refresh and they also wanted to move away from a previous template design commonly used by other firms.
A/H partnered with Ronin & Co. to create a refreshed brand that emphasizes their renewed commitment to the natural world and building deeper relationships with clients.  


Web Design
Brand Guidelines
Information Structure
Webflow Development
ARC/HOUZ Brand Header

Space Grotesk

AH Type Font
Why Choose ArcHouz
AH Street Mural

Colors that tell your story.

Thoughtfully chosen with the ARC/HOUZ brand in mind. The dark ‘Charcoal’ is the primary typography color.  “Berry Good”, “Sand Storm”, and “Light Verde”, all make up the palette for ARC/HOUZ's refresh.


Berry Good

Sand Storm

Light Verde

AH Book Mockup
AH Box Mockup
AH Landing Page Screen Shot

Handcrafted Icons.

Made in Colorado.

AH Icon Set
ArcHouz Contact Page
ARCHOUZ Team Profile