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ZenQR (ZQR) is a micro SaaS application custom QR Code generator packed into a pocket-sized powerhouse! ZQR removes the hassle of lengthy URLs, Wi-Fi passwords and gorgeous restaurant menus on mobile. Additionally, ZenQR instantly generate custom QR codes for websites, business cards, all in one app.  

ZenQR partnered with Ronin & Co. to create an easy to understand and clean user interface. ZQR agreed to use a no-code solution, Webflow, for the front-end and we developed a custom backend in Python / FastAPI for the application itself.


Web Design
Brand Guidelines
UX Research
Webflow Development
Custom Python Dev

ZenQr Logo & Brand Name

ZenQR Branding and Logo

ZENQR Illustrations

ZenQR 404 Illustration

Color choices that support your brand.

Your brand's essence in every hue. We choose colors that resonate with your identity. Ronin & Co. simplifies the process, allowing you to make a visual statement that lasts. We help elevate your brand with color choices that speak volumes. It's not just about visuals; it's about leaving a lasting impression.

Key Lime

Cobalt Blue

Meyer Lemon

Space Gray

ZenQR Landing Page

Custom Iconography

ZenQR Custom Icons
ZenQR Why Section
ZenQR Features Section

Native mobile menu

We teamed up with ZenQR to provide them with UX & market research.

You know that feeling when you're at a restaurant, and you gotta zoom into a crazy PDF menu? Not great.

That's why we figured ZenQR could totally shake things up by giving restaurants a slick mobile friendly menu + to go with QR code generator. Say goodbye to those ugly PDFs and hello to a smoother dining experience!

ZenQR tasked us to re-imagine what the restaurant menu could look like when linked to a QR code.

Our goal to provide an elegant way to showcase the menu without ugly PDFs that break the user experience.    

QR Code based food menu, ZenQR
ZenQR Single Menu Detail
ZenQR WiFi Dashboard